Welcome To The Ultimate Credit Card Program

The Harley-Davidson Visa Signature card is packed with benefits for you.

This is the card for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. Not only do you have H-D in your wallet, you earn increased points with purchases made in the dealership or on a ride, can redeem for H-D™ Gift Cards*, and are entered into a monthly bike giveaway.

H.O.G. members earn 2X entries in the Free Ride Sweepstakes with each eligible purchase, plus Full H.O.G. members can earn points for the miles they ride.

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Key Benefits of the Harley-Davidson® Visa Signature® card

This card is known as the ultimate rider reward card — and for good reason. It lets cardmembers earn H-D™ Genuine Rewards points up to 3X faster to put toward anything at Laredo Harley-Davidson!

  • $25 Harley-Davidson Gift Card* with just 2,500 points!
  • No limit to how many rewards points card members can earn
  • Chances to win a new H-D® motorcycle every month as part of the Free Ride Sweepstakes. DOUBLE entries for H.O.G. members.
  • NEW: H.O.G. members can earn points for riding their H-D® motorcycles. One mile earns one point. After 1/1/2020, all Primary Cardholders who are Full H.O.G. members can get an odometer reading at an H-D® dealership to activate this benefit. Then, each subsequent reading will earn them points, up to 50,000 points per year.
  • No annual fee
  • Online account management through Online Banking or the H-D™ Visa® Mobile App
  • Peace of mind — Online Spend Analysis Tool, text and email alerts, and Zero Fraud Liability if fraudulent charges are made on the account
  • Many more card benefits (see h-dvisa.com for details)

3 POINTS PER $1 at H-D® dealerships, h-d.com/store and the H-D™ Museum
2 POINTS PER $1 at gas station, restaurant, bar and lodging merchants
1 POINT PER $1 everywhere else Visa® is accepted

Alternative Card

There are two different Harley-Davidson® Visa cards: the Harley-Davidson® Visa Signature® card and the Harley-Davidson® High-Performance card. Applicants will first be considered for the Signature card. If they do
not qualify for the Signature card, they will be considered for the High-Performance card. The High-Performance card earns 1 point for every $1 of eligible net purchases and may not offer the same Visa Signature benefits.

Visit h-dvisa.com for more benefits and to see how the Signature and High-Performance cards compare.

EARNING Harley-Davidson® Genuine Rewards points

There are many ways for card members to earn H-D™ Genuine Rewards points. For every $1 of eligible net purchases on the Signature card, a card member earns:

3 POINTS PER $1 at H-D® dealerships, h-d.com/store and the H-D™ Museum
2 POINTS PER $1 at gas station, restaurant, bar and lodging merchants
1 POINT PER $1 everywhere else Visa® is accepted

There is no limit to how many rewards points cardmembers can earn!

REDEEMING Harley-Davidson® Genuine Rewards points

Cardmembers can redeem their H-D™ Genuine Rewards points for Harley-Davidson™ Gift Cards*!


Cardmembers can enjoy these gift card benefits:

  • Choice of either an electronic or plastic gift card.
    • Electronic gift cards are the fastest way to redeem H-D™ Genuine Rewards points. Cardmembers will receive their electronic gift card via email within minutes! They can either show the electronic gift card on a mobile device or print it out and bring it into the dealership.
    • Plastic gift cards will arrive within 1–2 weeks.
  • Ability to keep a balance if the purchase is less than the H-D™ Gift Card amount
  • Funds on an H-D™ Gift Card redeemed from H-D™ Genuine Rewards points do not expire

To redeem points, the cardmember can call 1-800-699-2281, visit their Online Banking page, or use the H-D™ Visa Mobile App.

*Gift Cards are not valid towards the purchase of a new motorcycle.

FREE RIDE SWEEPSTAKES of the Harley-Davidson® Visa

Each qualifying purchase on an H-D™ Visa card earns an entry into the sweepstakes.


  • 12 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles a year (one per month)
  • Bonus drawing for a $500 Harley-Davidson™ Gift Card* each year

For Official Rules, to see a list of bikes available to win, or find out previous winners, go to h-dvisa.com/credit/sweepstakes.do.

*Gift Cards are not valid towards the purchase of a new motorcycle.


  • Purchases
  • Convenience check purchases
  • Balance transfers
  • Cash advances
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Fees to purchase any optional services offered through the card

Alternate means of entry are available for non-cardmembers. Details at h-dvisa.com/rules



HOG members receive 2 entries per purchase

H.O.G.® member exclusive POINTS FOR MILES RIDDEN


To qualify, the H-D™ Visa cardmember must be the Primary cardmember – meaning they are the first person listed on their H-D™ Visa monthly statement – and must be a Full H.O.G.® member.


Effective Jan 1, 2020, qualifying H.O.G.® members can get an odometer reading to activate this benefit by visiting an H-D® dealership. Then, each subsequent reading will earn them points: 1 mile equals 1 point.

Legal Details

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H.O.G.® members are some of our most loyal customers. To recognize their dedication, they can now earn one Genuine Rewards point for every mile they ride their Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, up to 50,000 points per year!


“Why aren’t H-D™ Gift Cards sent out automatically?”

Some cardmembers prefer to save their points, so they can make larger purchases. Others prefer to get their H-D™ Gift Cards as soon as they earn them. That is why we let cardmembers decide when they are ready to redeem.

“I want to redeem my rewards to use for today’s purchase, but I don’t know how to access my electronic gift card.”

1. Access the confirmation email that was received once requesting the electronic H-D™ Gift Card.

2. In the email click the appropriate link, it should take you to h-dviarewards.com.

3. You will be instructed to either: – Create a new account — once you have created a new account, you will be sent a verification email to verify the account creation. – Sign in as an existing cardmember.

4. To view a gift card, click “View/Print PDF Card” under the “I want to…” section at the top left of the page.

5. An image of the electronic gift card will appear and display the 16-digit gift card number, three-digit security code and valid-thru date for processing the transaction.


Genuine Rewards points awarded but not redeemed will expire three years from the date the points were awarded on December 31 of the expiration year.
The funds on the H-D™ Gift Card will not expire, but the plastic will expire on the valid-thru date. When this happens, a cardmember can call the number on the card and request that any remaining balance be transferred
to a new plastic card.
If cardmembers need support, contact the number on the back of the gift card for 24/7 assistance.
Harley-Davidson™ Gift Cards may be used for anything at any participating, authorized H-D® dealership in the U.S.

“I already have a credit card.”

– This card is the ultimate rider rewards card. You earn points on all your purchases, which can be redeemed for H-D™ Gift Cards*. You even earn more on your Harley® purchases and things you’d spend on during a long ride, like gas, restaurant, and lodging merchants. Plus, we give away a bike each month (and H.O.G. ® members have even a better chance at winning!). And there’s no annual fee.

“I don’t want to pay all the fees.”

-While there are some rates and fees associated with the H-D™ Visa card, there is no annual fee. And if you pay your balance in full every month, you’ll avoid paying interest on purchases. You’ll also be earning rewards for your ride with every purchase! For all the card details, including the rates and fees see Laredo Harley-Davidson for full details including all the card terms and conditions.

“I worry about credit card fraud.”

-With the Harley-Davidson® Visa Signature® card, you get Zero Fraud Liability, which means you have no liability for fraudulent activity if your account number is ever stolen. The card also comes with other protections like text alerts, so you can be notified when purchases are made without the card present.

“I prefer to pay with cash or a check.”

-When you pay with cash or a check, you don’t get rewarded like you do with the Harley-Davidson® Visa Signature card. You’ll earn rewards fast to spend on your ride, because all your purchases earn you Genuine Rewards points — not just your Harley® purchases. The card also makes it easier to buy big-ticket items, because you can spread out your payments over time.

“I’m tired of filling out paperwork after my bike purchase.”

-Your H-D™ Visa offer is available for 30 days.

Visa Credit Card Info

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